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George Lucas Continues To Suckle At The Teat Of Star Wars

George Lucas, the man responsible for three of the biggest movies of all time, and three of the most disappointing movies of all time, has incredible staying power. For a man who has done nothing new for the last twenty-five years, he has somehow managed to hang on to the cash cow that is the Star Wars franchise and just make sure it keeps regurgitating more and more crap for him to get rich off of.
His newest scheme is to re-release all six movies in 3-D, starting next year, with one being released per year. Why spread it out like that? Why, to make the most money, of course! He says it's because it will take that long to turn each film into 3-D. Yeah right.
I think what he really meant was that it would take a year for each film to be seen be every human alive. A lot of people won't bother going to see them when they first come out, but then one random Wednesday night, a couple will be bored and trying to think of something to do, and the guy will say, ‘Well we could go see the Star Wars movie." The woman will say, "But neither of us wanted to see it." Then the guy will say, "Yeah, but at least this way we can waste two and a half hours in a movie theater and when we get home you might be so bored you'll be willing to have sex with me just to get your mind off the boredom." The woman will shrug her shoulders and say, "Yeah, you're probably right. Let's go then."
George knows that if he released all the films at once or back-to-back, couples like this would never go see them because the woman wouldn't want the pressure of having to go see the sequel… or prequel… or whatever when it came out the next month. But this way, she is willing to go watch this one dumb Star Wars movie because she has forgotten that there will be another one out next year that she will probably get roped into seeing. And even if she does remember this, she thinks, "Well, I could be dead by then, so what's the harm?"
And George Lucas just smiles and cackles an evil laugh that will last till the end of the world, or whenever he decides to stop exploiting the one good thing he did in his life - whichever comes first.

Źródło: Published by Samantha on November 8th, 2010,